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Esthetic Dentistry

"Do you know that
you can create stronger effect on people with an atractive smile?"

And that your smile reflects your character?

The impact of a more conspicuous smile on your social circle?




Smile design is evaluated by evaluating your facial features, character, facial proportions, even skin color and many other parameters.  It is the design of the smile that suits you best.

As a result of the design, teeth (white aesthetics) and gums

(pink aesthetic) appropriate changes  determines how much is needed.


The most important point here is that before deciding on an aesthetic restoration, what kind of result will be achieved can be seen before the treatment is started.  

The biggest advantage of this is that the treatment can be completed in a minimally invasive way without any cutting, grinding or minimal roughening of your teeth.

This extends the life of the teeth. With the aesthetic treatment performed, a healthy smile is aimed for many more years.

dr. mahmut hello 


dr. mahmut alolo 

"There are many treatment methods and materials in smile design. 

Laminate veneers are one of the treatment methods that get the most natural results and also they can applied minimally invasive . 

In order to decide whether our patients are suitable for Leaf porcelain lamina treatment, first of all, many parameters should be evaluated and a detailed examination should be performed.  Passing is a must.”


    The "Mock up" process, which is the first step of smile design, is to determine and see what kind of result will be obtained in the final by transferring the new smile specially designed for you without any permanent intervention on the teeth.

If you are wondering how your new smile will be after smile design.


          see the change!

Before and After.png

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Istanbul Smile Project Clinic

Teşvikiye mah. Guzelbahce sk. No:29 Guzelbahce ap. D:12, 34360 Sisli/Istanbul

tel: +90 533 145 33 03

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